Lexica™ Sync for Microsoft Office

Our latest app, Lexica™ Sync Pro for Microsoft Office, will be released January 2019. The first release will support Office 2013 and 2016 on Windows (including Microsoft Office 365 on Windows).

The Problem

If you use Microsoft Office on two or more computers like we do every day, you have undoubtedly experienced the frustration of not having AutoCorrect and custom dictionary entries on all your computers. Create an AutoCorrect entry in one location, and Microsoft Office, not even the latest versions in Office 365, will synchronize them for you. The same is true with custom dictionary entries. Having to recreate your AutoCorrect and custom dictionary entries is annoying and inefficient.

Our Solution

Lexica Sync Pro runs in the background on each of your computers and automatically synchronizes any changes to your AutoCorrect and custom dictionary entries with our server in the Microsoft Azure cloud. It's that simple. No more manually adding AutoCorrect and dictionary entries across all of your computers. Anyone who uses Microsoft Office will benefit from Lexica Sync and wonder why no one (including Microsoft) delivered this functionality years ago.

Please come back soon to trial or buy Lexica Sync Pro!