About Lexica Software

Lexica Software LLC was formed in 2010 in Austin, Texas, USA. The name of our company, Lexica, is the plural form of lexicon, the words or vocabulary of a language. Each of us use a variety of lexica every day and don't think about it. Professions such as medicine and law have their own specialized lexica. We are dedicated to making it easier and more efficient to use the words in all your lexica.

Its founder and principal is Barry Shelton, an electrical engineer, software developer and patent lawyer who has been programming since the 1980s and using words for even longer. You can reach Barry at bshelton@lexicasoftware.com.

Lexica Software is an Apple Developer for iOS and macOS (formerly Mac OS X) apps.

Contact Us

Lexica Software LLC
311 Ranch Road 620 S, Suite 206
Austin, Texas 78734-4775
Office: (512) 263-2165
Fax: (512) 263-2166
Email: info@lexicasoftware.com

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